Fight Rapid Aging with Sustagen!

| Monday, March 14, 2011

Given the today's challenges that most Filipinos encounter, especially those who live in urban areas, stress and at the same time lacking the good nutrition and the exercise due to the seemingly busy routine -- takes a toll on most young professionals when it comes to help. Too early to have hypertension, diabetes, frequent asthma attacks, obesity and so much more, are plaguing the health of an urban Filipino professional. I myself is one of the 70% of Filipinos who are aging rapidly than they normally should. That 70% statistic was the result of a study done by the Youthopia Body Philippines Inc. in most young professionals in Metro Manila. 7 out of 10 have the rapid signs of aging. I am 25 yet my biological age is 29! Whoa! That's something not good.

This is done through a Body Age test in which the biological age is taken in comparison with your actual calendar age. It is already a proven technology in which it provides diagnosis on the state of one's health. Taking the Body Age Challenge would provide you a clearer perspective of the state of your overall health. Ideally, your biological age should be equivalent or even younger than your actual calendar age. Mine was the opposite. I really have to take up a challenge to change my life for the better!